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About Us


SoftOffice has been developing innovative award winning applications since 2009.


We are a UK based software engineering company, employing some of the best engineers in the world.

The History of SoftOffice


Company Established

Experts in software, technologists, business and education consultants came together to form SoftOffice with the aim of developing applications to enable organisations and individuals to use technology to organise all aspects of their work.


R&D Innovation Award 2009

Presented by BIS & Yorkshire Forward for the development of a market leading mass market cloud solution utilising touchscreen & 3G technologies.


Launched SoftOffice Suite

The SoftOffice Suite is a 100% web based Email, Office, Collaboration application which was the first to offer cloud based solution.


Launched AIPOS

AIPOS is a web based business accounting, inventory, stock, invoicing application to enable businesses to operate entirely online and on the move.

Launched VCC

The Video Conferencing and Collaboration module from the SoftOffice Suite was launched as a standalone application to enable users to collaborate with voice, video, desktop and whiteboarding interactively across the internet.


Launched IWB Pro

Interactive Whiteboarding software with original innovative features, and also SMART .notebook file opening.


Launched DigiClass

Powerful never seen before interactive whiteboard and tablet device collaboration.

Best Of Show ISE 2015

Presented by Tech & Learning for the development of DigiClass, a classroom collaboration software for touchscreen devices.


IWB Pro v2

With this release our software became the first (and so far the only) application that can open SMART .notebook and Promethean ActiveInspire files. Additional features added including AnnoScript which digitises freehand drawings e.g. pie charts, flow charts.  A new UI was released with a modern interface designed in the style of Windows 10 to offer users a sleek contemporary layout that they are already accustomed to. However, we left an option for users to switch to the old UI.


Launched NUC

A version of Hive with more premium features removed.

Launched Hive

New application combining all the features of IWB Pro and DigiClass.


- Our Mission -
Offering the best software solution

To produce leading edge interactive software fit for 21st century classrooms, meeting rooms and collaboration.

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